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Hi! I have a Beetles song stuck in my head. ******* just down the street carrying about 4 long, thin sticks. ??? Ok... weird. I knocked on the window really hard and hid behind the curtains. HA HA. I wonder what he's going to do with those sticks... ??? CONFUSION MY FRIENDS, CONFUSION! Also, to confuse you more, ******* still had his school backpack. That means it took him around 20 minutes to walk home. He lives on my street and our school is about 10 minutes away, not 20. Also, where did he get those sticks? They looked really unfamiliar and what was he going to do with them? Maybe poke somebody in the eye. Or maybe him and his friends are going to do something stupid. 
BTW, recently I went to the Huntington Library to see Adeline Yen Mah and Ann Mah talk about their books. It was so cool, I got their signatures! There was this one girl who was really, really, into foot binding. Yuck, she asked four questions about foot binding. She asked Adeline Yen Mah about foot binding! Only because Adeline Yen Mah's granny had bound feet! EW. I hate foot binding because if I was born around 100 years ago, I would have had to bind my feet. Would you rather be considered ugly cause you had big feet or be considered beautiful because you had tiny 5 inch feet and lived in unhappiness for 3/4s of your life???? I'd rather be ugly. :S Let me know what you think, leave a comment!! :D
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ps. meet me in person in my chat room today (Feb. 23, 2010) at 4:30pm OR on this Saturday (Feb. 27, 2010) at 12:30am OR 4:30pm. OK? K!

wow...........foot binding, sounds more painful than haaving ur feet in ballet pointe shoes.............i would rather b an ugly widowed woman!!


it does sound more painful when you come to think of it... I wonder if what that girl at the huntington library would have wanted to bind her feet or be considered "big feeted" lol big-feeted XD


thats pretty kewl - i'm starting to read her book "thousand pieces of gold" - did you read that??? if so, whatdya think?!!

BTW - i agree with you, if i lived 100 years ago - i think i'd rather be UGLY than bind my foot!


Oh I do hope to visit some day! What a great place to work!


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