jj is a door

I like pumpkins, don't you?
and I purposely put ** instead of which city I'm in for a reason. I don't want any stalkers!!!
Well today they're is a football game between my high school and my friend's high school. We're in middle school but the cheerleaders were all over the campus with big **HS flags and Mardi Gras things they were giving away. (Mardi Gras things you ask? I have no clue why..)
And my friend was booing and saying **HS sucks!! And blah blahdi balhahahhahaha
well I just hopes maybe they will close down her high school and she'll move to near me or maybe... they'll mix the schools together! :D and replace the middle school with the new high school! YAYYAY
but im super scared now, nobody NOBODY at my middle school is going to **HS!!! its madness!!!!! >:( besides the stupid populars
owowowowoow my knees hurt from trying to knee on a holepunch holepunching my suspense packet for homework (¬.¬) bad idea I tell you. don't try it owowowowow
ARG!!! the holepunch didn't even holepunch ONE PAGE!!!! ONE PAGE!!!
Arggggg im a pirate.
Welllowellowell what have we gots here??? HMMMM
Today in LA7 we were reading Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven. Good poem, vey vey good indeed.
A little spookish and depressing but otherwise good. I also liked it cause it introduced me into a new fabulous old style name! LENORE!
It's almost as great as some other names I like! Lenore lenore lenore!
Lenore Priscrilla Ray.
Prettyyy!! Hay why is this brown? :< 
well gotta go do my HW now ugggh so dreaded.

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