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I'm starting a new category... STORY TIME!! I'm going to tell everyone about my stories. Yay! Here is a little starter story mabob.
I couldn't help thinking about Ginger. It was quiet and I knew she was probably still awake. I couldn't sleep and I didn't care, it was the summer so I could stay up as late as I pleased. Then I heard a knock on the window. I thought, Ginger. I tip toed over to the window and pulled it open. Ginger's swirly, purple hair was pulled up into pigtails. She whispered, "Come on, I've got something ready for us."
Next time you will get to read the rest, for now: I'm going to take a nap.
2/2/2010 14:11:40

Hope to read more of your stories. What's the place to write a general notes to you? Maybe you can add a guest book so you can see who had visited your site.


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