jj is a door

I am very bored right now... I finished all my flash animations and I posted them all over and I haven't got anything to do now! :C
So I am here typing into the box to create my blog. This space bar is so annoying! Everytime I hit it it makes this annoying noise! And it's not a quiet noise like all the other keys its like a loud springy noise! And I press space a lot.... as you guys all know since there is a space between every word! >:C Grr....
Oompa loompa...
Well, I has a lot of archives or whatever. Archives remind me of anchovies. ANCHOOOOVIES! I don't even know what archives are... on the side of this blog here it says, "Archives" in big bold letters then beneath it says, "June 2010 May 2010 April 2010 March 2010 February 2010 January 2010" Weird, February came before January. And they are all little links. STRANGE...
Well... I think today class ends early but I am not sure because I'm not sure about multiple things at this camp place but oh well.
Yawn... I don't think I got a lot of sleep last night, I wasn't counting anyways but most of the time I estimate. I estimate I got 9 hours of sleep last night. I'm supposed to get 10 every night according to my mother.
I had a super creepy dream last night too. There was a blizzard, and for some reason everybody went outside. Then I went inside a house to help these people come outside to go in tents. (really messed up I know) Then there were these doggies I had to carry out and it was really dark cause that room's lights were broken. I had to turn on the light in the hallway and hold the door open with my foot and I had to reach to get this fat dog. It was really overweight and hard to carry. :C And I finally got it outside and some lady thought I had water in my mouth and she was worried about it and I didn't. (I got really confused) Then I asked my mom, who I saw coming around carrying a fence, if she had gotten our dog. She hadn't! And she also got a mushroom cap haircut for the blizzard! (HOW DID THAT HAPPEN I WONDER!) Then I asked my dad if he had and he said no. Then I got all angry and upset and bleh. And my mom was helping the Jonas Brothers build houses out of fences! When we already had houses! And others were sleeping in tents! Crazy people.
Yeah that was a really weird dream and I have no clue why I dreamed of it. Oh well, I have the strangest dreams ever. Goodbye! I am going to do other stuff on the website.

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