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Land of Oaks! 
So I went to Oakland for a portion of my Winter Break!
YEAAAAAAA. It was intense, but I didn't get to go on the computer much cause 1. my uncle (whom's house we were staying at) had a wiiiiiiiIIIIIIIII!!!!! 2. my uncle and auntie kept taking us out to places (such as Macy's and around...)
Annnddddd my auntie took me and her uhhhhhhhh niece? on a GDOWA. (girls day out with auntie)
Sooooo I got my hair snipped! It's rather nice now, and the lady straightened it but then I washed it and now its curly once more. But the lady said not to comb it or blow dry it. And I think hair stylists just have a fancy way of doing normal things. She said if I ever blow dry it to use a brush and brush it while I'm blow-drying and stuff. She had this like Scoop! Pull! Bloooowww! thingy going on when she blow dried it. And then earlier she was asking, "So is [my auntie and auntie's niece, maybe cousin?] your sisters? Or like..." 
So I said, "She's... my aunt." 
Hair lady nods. And continues snipping.
Then later, she was telling my aunt about things I ought to do and not to. I wasn't paying attention cause it was all hair stoof that I didn't want to think about when I overheard the Hair Lady say "Her hair is sort of damaged, it might have been thinned before or something that's why its so frizzy." And in my head I'm pondered, "Did I ever thin my hair? Or do anything with hair places?" Then I remembered, "This is probably the first time I had my hair done at a fancy place!" :O
So my hair is supposedly "damaged" which doesn't seem very pleasant to think about knowing I never did anything to it. :/
FURTHERMORE... we went to a little shop and bought hair junk. Then went to a tea place. And had a fabulous tea party!!! Which was nice cause I LOVE tea. (I like to put 2 sugar cubes and watch them fall apart on a spoon, and add milk to my tea) Eventually I was just eating sugar cubes. :3 And my auntie bought these kiddie meals for us which consisted of peanut butter and jelly triangles, a bread teddy, some chocolate square, and various small cookies! DELICIOUS.
After I was stuffed, I really had to pee. But I didn't at the tea place (even though the "powder room" smelt super nice and I tried to go but I couldn't!)
So I had to wait approximately 10 minutes just to pee. And I had to pee SUPER SUPER BAD. So when we got to the mall (oh and this other lady whom I'm not sure how I'm related to joined us at the tea place) I took forever in my stall. Everybody went to the lounge while I sat peeing. 
Then we got our nails done. It was not too great. The stupid drying fan was blowing in my face. Getting all my nice straightened hair in my mouth. Blechhh. Now my nails are nice and silvery-sparkly. I wish I had gotten two coats but me being the impatient person I am I would have died. So once the fan stopped, when I needed it, they put my hands in some UV light dryer thinger. It toasted my hands for 4 minutes! And it had warnings on the box mabob, which made me nervous. And after 3 minutes my hands began to hurt. And I began to move them around. And get scared they were going to get sunburned. Then it stopped and I pulled my hands out immediately and rubbed them. :P
The end. :D

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