jj is a door

Yesterday in math I TOTALLY forgot EVERYTHING!!! :[
but thank goodness i reviewed today, we had a progress check! (like a pop quiz)
and it was SOOO weird... at the end of Language Arts I was thinking, "OMG we are probably having a progress check today and homework check on Friday. Goodness me!" And I told my friend who isn't in accelarted cause she's in my LA class and i felt like it.
So then I plop myself in Math and my other friend comes up and she's like, "You know I think we're having a progress check today." And I'm all, "OMG thats what I was thinking!" And we look at the board after some discussion on our homework and it says exactly "then we will have a progress check" and we look at each other and are like OMGGGGG
so ya.

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