jj is a door

Bleh worst thing ever.
It's absolutely pathetic.
It's just some computer hacker trying to give you a virus.
Even though all chain mail is fake, sometimes even the smartest people think they are real.
Here is one I just got: (and yes I left the email on there so you can all spam this terrible person.)
"On Sat, Nov 20, 2010 at 11:24 AM, Danielle Haas <daniellemh01@gmail.com> wrote:
There's a dog named Gus. 
He has been abused so bad that his stomach has
 been punctured. He was taken away from his owner last week
 and he isn't doing well. They are taking donations for his surgery
 but... that might not be enough. Verizon is donating 25 cents for
 every time this message is sent. 
Send this to at least 10 friends to help Gus. 
Thank you for helping save a life.-some stupid stuff later....-
Please.... If you don't send this on you have a cold heart and don't care about the lives of innocent creature!!!
-more stupid stuff here- 
Error! Filename not specified. 
God will return the favor and help you along!"
Ok, first of all it says "Error! Filename not specified." which could possibly mean viruses. I dunno I'm just guessing, but you can never be too careful. Second, it was sent November 20, 2010. Last year! Either the dog has died, Verizon is very stalkish, or he never existed in the first place!!Sooooooo DON'T SEND CHAINMAIL!

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