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YAY!!!! Guess what?!?!?! So today was registration for school and it was a whole ton of fun putting papers in folders and sorting things... sort of anyways. XD Well so I saw a few of my friends but since a lot of them aren't part of my last name group I only saw the ones that were late for their earlier group. One of them had dyed there hair blonde again and one of them looked taller. Oh we change so quickly. X3
And I got my fanshy fanshy glittery sparkly glowing shmowing paper of magicness! It had my combo, locker number, and room to report to on the first day. YIPEES! Sounds like fun fun fun fun fun fun! Sort of... cause, PSH school is never fun. ┐('~` )┌
So yup, how has your day been going? Good thats nice.
Well anyways, I better get back to my cleaning up 6th grade for 7th grade. I'm almost done so I am very excited so see my final products. 
I feel like such a nerd. YAY
poahf poahf poahf poahf poahf poahf a poahf of bread poahf poahf poahf poahf bleh
jacqueline the awesome 

hehehehe that was FUNNNNNNNN


ooooooooops wrong post! ;p


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