jj is a door

Well, it is story time. 
There once was a girl named Putao.
She really liked grapes.
White grapes, purple grapes, rainbow grapes. ALL GRAPES!
And then she tasted a poisonus grape, and it killed her dead. 
the end.
Once upon a time.....?
Never mind.
let me write some journal entry of some kind.
"Dear diary,
I am absolutely mad. I can't stand going to school everyday, sleeping early every night, waking up when it's still dark, and living through homework. I feel I might just explode. Well this is awful.
(igmanae means imaginary gal made at night at eight, yes it is eight right now)
<>< jacqueline
Once upon a time, I didn't sit up straight. And a fairy came to me, and made me sit up straight. The end.
THAT WAS A LAME STORY! My mum made up half of it (I didn't sit up straight. And a fairy came to me,)
Well, here's a better story:
   I wake up every day, and see the quiet song. The quiet song, of silentness, with nobody there to see. 
   The morning's soft, I feel abrupt, and nobody's there to see.
Actually, that was a song! That goes to the Christmas Time Song from Charlie Brown and his Peanuty Friends!
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There once was a shell. Yes, the kind on a beach. The waves washed over her and she was pulled into the ocean.
~JJ }0I(ID[Pwqeldfsw9erlasjdvkxncaoqw34387&^&%
Then Ivory shouted, "Sorry Gardenia!! I need to eat you now since I told you my name." Then Ivory gobbled up Gardenia in one bite. The end...
~jj })i({
PS. There might be other endings.....
   Gardenia wandered into the woods and found a small mouse crawling about. She asked him, "Sir, would you please direct me to Musicalland?" The mouse said, "No! You've crossed the border between Musicalland and the rest of the world! You can never go back! Once you've come here, you can never ever leave." Then the mouse scurried away. 
   Gardenia found some twigs and a nice thick tree. She grabbed a vine and pulled herself up along with the twigs. She found a branch sticking out of the tree about 2 feet off the ground. She found a spot on the branch where a small branch was growing. It was like a small round ditch in the branch. She set up her sticks to form a little tent which she tied together with a bit of pine needles. She swung down from the vine and ran to the nearby tree with sap dripping out from one side. She gathered some sap in a big leaf and ran back to her tree. She dripped the sap around the branches at the bottom to make sure they stuck inside where the new branch was growing. With the leftover sap she made maple syrup and left it out for the birds, even though none came that day. The branch had some leaves growing on it. Gardenia plucked a few and covered the ground of her tent with them. 
   Then a spider tapped her on the shoulder. She spun around and the spider said, "What are you doing here?" The spider had long thing legs and a thin body. Gardenia said worriedly, "Umm, well. I come from Musicalland and I got lost when playing in a pond. Now I'm here. I asked a mouse for directions but he said that nobody can leave this place." The spider said, "Well, you can but it is very tricky. Nobody knows how besides the selfish, wise snake who's lived for a thousand years. He visits Musicalland for medicine, that's how he lives so long."
"Do you happen to have anything to eat?"
"I have some maple syrup. That's it. I left it out for the birds but no one came."
"No birds will take it, they probably think it's a trap. Go fetch it, would you?"
   Gardenia ran outside and picked up the leaf bowl that was full of maple syrup. She handed it to the spider who was huddling in the corner of the tent that had the least wind blowing in. Gardenia said, "Here it is." The spider said, "Could I have a bit? I- I- I don't really catch many flies. It's very hard out here on this tree." Then Gardenia said, "I'll help you pick some nice spots for webs!"
"You will?"
"Yes, of course!"
   So the two went out to search for places to put webs. The spider made three webs that day, all very close to each other so she could reach them when she needed. After the two huddled inside the tent that night when the spider said, "Your name is?" Gardenia said, "I'm Gardenia, at least, that's what people call me. My mother never told me my name but people began calling me Gardenia so... yeah. Yours?" 
"I'm Ivory."
~jj })i({
   Once upon a time... in a place called Musicalland there was a little girl. She had small feet, small hands, she was so itty bitty! People called her Gardenia because she loved flowers and was about the same size as a Gardenia flower. 
   Gardenia enjoyed running through the woods with all the woodland creatures and she would do so every morning. After that she would call for the birds and they would take her back home. She was very friendly for the animals and helped them when she could. She would borrow some thread from the spiders and make small silky blankets for little animals. She'd help the spiders decide where to put their webs in return for their threads. Gardenia always knew good places for webs.
   Then one day she fell into a deep pond she liked to play by and she was washed away to a place she didn't know.
To be continued...
~jj })i({
   I sighed then Liz came back and said, "Check out what I found!" She held up a golden ticket, she shouted, "We're going to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory!" She read the back of the ticket and shouted louder, "We're going to the Chocolate Factory! We're going to the Chocolate Factory! Les, Les! We're going to the Chocolate Factory tomorrow!!" She danced and sang and hopped.
   The next day we ran to the Chocolate Factory and saw four fat kids with either a pudgy mother or a pudgy father. Willy Wonka opened the gates and said, "Wazzup, homies?" The four fat kids striked a pose and said, "Wazzup?" Then Liz shouted, "Wazzup Willy? How's all da chocolate mixin'?" He shouted back, "It's mixin' mixedly!" Then everyone walked into the factory. 
   Inside the factory, a fat kid got beat up by an oompa-loompa when everybody was looking around the giant chocolate pool. Then a second fat kid was thrown off the pink candy boat because he called an oompa-loompa ugly. Then a third fat kid was turned into strawberry jam when the oompa-loompa's got angry at him for dancing with them poorly and making the oompa-loompa's look like, as Willy said, dancing stupidos. Then a fourth fat kid went blind because he took of he knocked an oompa-loompa with his special sunglass on the head, but the tv room was very bright so the kid went blind. Then Liz said, "Willy, do I get the factory?" Willy said, "Noy! You get 2,000,000,000,000,000 gold coins! And 3 silver ones." Liz and I danced and sang and hopped together. THE END.
I hope you liked the end of the story!! :D very enjoyable, I know. Here is a new story for you to nibble!! :)
   "Mr. Shrew, you owe the government 30 coins." said the government official who had come to collect overdue taxes. I said quietly, "I... have only... 31 coins."
"Then hand them over!"
"Oh, alright. Wait, can't you just wait till-"
"No more waiting! I've waited an extra week, just for you! Now, hand them over!"
"Oh, okay. I'm- I'm very sorry- sorry-"
"Just give them to me!"
   I handed the government official 30 of my 31 coins. He said, "Thank you, Mr. Shrew. I am glad you finally came to your senses and payed what you needed to pay." Then he slammed the small wooden door and I heard his footsteps walk down the hallway. My little sister, who wasn't very little anymore, peeped, "Les! We have 1 coin left!" I said, "I'll work twice as hard on the fields than I ever have. Promise."
"You said that last time! What are we going to do? We're going to be planted under the government's nose soon."
"I know, I know but-"
"Let me work in the fields while you go and look for a way to get some money."
"No, I can't let you do that."
"Well, I guess your going to have to let me."
"Liz, no way. Of course not, never-"
"See you soon, Les."
   She grabbed my plow and walked out the back door to the fields.
~to be continued another day~ what will happen? i wonder...~~~~~~~ :) hello!!~~~~~
~jj })i({
"Troopers!" I shouted. Then I pulled out  a sniper and shot everybody. THE END.