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I haven't reviewed much stuff in a long time. So today I am reviewing.... (drum roll please)
uhhhh Lip Smackers I guess!
Well I got some of these Lip Smacker thingies for Christmas, and I think they are...
They aren't like chapstick, or lipstick, or lipgloss. They just smell nice! And that is all.
I got 3 of them from my auntie and uncle.
Crafty Candy Cane smells the best and I haven't used it yet. It is my favorite out of the three.
Sugar & Spice doesn't smell like sugar nor spice. It smells like... its a really unexplainable smell I dislike.
Sweet Strawberry is the third one and it smells pretty good, I'm just not a big fan of artificial strawberries. 
It comes in a very cute little Christmasy box in the shape of an ornament but the box is hard to open and close.
Mmm I'm eating tacos and they are tasty. :D That's it! A Lip Smacker called oops I just got lettuce under the space bar. Called.... Tubular Taco? I don't know something catchy like Crafty Candy Cane.
Well well well, today I'm going to review.... I actually don't know what to review... so I'll  reviewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww....  Club Penguin!
Yeah, I used to play Club Penguin A TON! But now I don't play it lots. I'm not a member so I can't tell you much about that but I can tell you about the nonmember stuff.
Butt, being a nonmember means you have access to about 40% of the fun.
40 darn %. D:
Anyways, being a nonmember means you can't buy anything besides backgrounds and these world pin things. Being a nonmember means you can't go in special member rooms. Being a nonmember means you can't upgrade you igloo. Yeah, its not the best.
That's why I estimate about 70% of the community on Club Penguin are (or is I don't know I'm not good with grammar) members at least once.
It's rather expensive to be a member if you ask me, $5.95 for one month membership!
It costs around $60 dollars for a full year membership. $60!!!!!
Well, its a fun game and all but if you don't have a lot of extra money to spend on fun things then you can always be a nonmember. :D
K, today's review is on... Mine Craft! An awesome game my brother is addicted to!!!
Well, the game is all about going about your life in an imaginary world where you can make things, mine things, and best of all beat up things (such as zombies, and even spiders). 
I enjoy playing this game myself and highly suggest it to all you nerdy people out there. It's lots and lots of fun when your bored but there are a few downsides, 
1. it eventually gets extremely boring. Once you've accomplished all your goals you have nothing to do but start all over again! :( my brother reached this point and just kept living his "minecraft" life and was really bored with it. So he made a new world.
2. It gets dark!!! And it's really scary at night time. ;A;
Otherwise, the game is great. Below is a video of somebody playing Mine Craft and here is the website: http://minecraft.net/
<3 jacqueline
Ok, I'm gonna start posting reviews about people, websites, stuff, and whatevies else I want to review.
So this time, I'm reviewing (drum roll) LILY ALLEN.
She's a very very good singer with a really awesome accent.
BUT she says a few bad words :\ if we ignore that, (listen to the clean version of her songs lol!) her music is FABULOUS
Examples are below all this stuff! 
Well her singing is like perfect, she totally professional. Like amazing just glows off her like a lightblub does with light!!!