jj is a door

Well, today I was playing rain noise off youtube mixed with a Swedish song (by Ellinor GOOGLE IT) while reading my Social Studies textbook. Medieval to Early Modern Times, so intense I know. And I look down at my dog who has been awful quiet and she's asleep. On the floor. Head on her paws. Legs all sprawled out like a frog.
She fell asleep so Swedish singing and rain noise. What dog does that!?!?! My dog. Of course. And usually when I'm on the computer all she does is play with her Kong and lick my elbows and sniff my pants and socks and stuff. Just the usual Lukee. 
So I was watching YouTube today and I saw another one of those stupid Carly Fiorina ads. I'm not even old enough to vote! >:( "I didn't vote for you in the mock election! I voted for Gail Lightfoot from the Libertarian Party! She's a retired nurse. YOUR JUST A PU." -Jacqueline
LOL! I'm all angry about Carly Fiorina and click one of her other ads (why are ads about politics so interesting [when there not like O vote for me, I'm awshum.] i like the blah blah is a pu and im a flying pony ones) and its like "Barbara Boxer has been senator for 28 years and is making a lot of money while Californians suffer from taxes and unemployment and devasting goop." Then she's (Carly Fiorina) all, "I want to end this doodoo with my army of zombie presidents!"
So I research Carly Fiorina cause I heard she is like a Sarah Palin for Senator. And whadaya know, she is "Sarah Palin Of The Senators," SPOTH for short. So Spoth is all Drill Baby Drill and I'm like "WUT THE MOOSE, MON, WUT THE MOOSE." And soooo I regret voting for Gail Lightfoot, when I should have voted for BARARARARARBARA BOXER!!!!!
Have a nice day.




Ok... my granny wants to save energy and so she is sitting on my bed reading while i write this blog... or type. It's sort of weird having another being in the room just reading... I like being alone sometimes, you know?
o.o cough cough goes my granny.
well tata im off to watch cat face. 
And this guy at school says his aunt is the lady who like designed them! OMMGG
Well anyways, I absolutely luv luv luv <3 LOVE LOVE L0V3 them!!!!
But sadly, my mum won't let me get anymore new shoes. :<
The only shoes I can actually wear anymore are my grey converse and my red blowfish boots. But I have no red clothing! ruins the whole purpose of RED blowfish boots.

Ich liebe Fisch Schlag Schuhe!

Jag älskar skor blåsa fisk!

Я люблю абутак ўдар рыбы!

I like pumpkins, don't you?
and I purposely put ** instead of which city I'm in for a reason. I don't want any stalkers!!!
Well today they're is a football game between my high school and my friend's high school. We're in middle school but the cheerleaders were all over the campus with big **HS flags and Mardi Gras things they were giving away. (Mardi Gras things you ask? I have no clue why..)
And my friend was booing and saying **HS sucks!! And blah blahdi balhahahhahaha
well I just hopes maybe they will close down her high school and she'll move to near me or maybe... they'll mix the schools together! :D and replace the middle school with the new high school! YAYYAY
but im super scared now, nobody NOBODY at my middle school is going to **HS!!! its madness!!!!! >:( besides the stupid populars
owowowowoow my knees hurt from trying to knee on a holepunch holepunching my suspense packet for homework (¬.¬) bad idea I tell you. don't try it owowowowow
ARG!!! the holepunch didn't even holepunch ONE PAGE!!!! ONE PAGE!!!
Arggggg im a pirate.
Welllowellowell what have we gots here??? HMMMM
Today in LA7 we were reading Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven. Good poem, vey vey good indeed.
A little spookish and depressing but otherwise good. I also liked it cause it introduced me into a new fabulous old style name! LENORE!
It's almost as great as some other names I like! Lenore lenore lenore!
Lenore Priscrilla Ray.
Prettyyy!! Hay why is this brown? :< 
well gotta go do my HW now ugggh so dreaded.
Well, I have lots to tell you about! 
I know I already made 2 other posts today but forget those! Let's focus on this!
I have been blogging SO MUCH!
It's amazing how much I blog!!! :D
well I wanted to tell you about my new friend, Mr. Dog!
He's my imaginary dog. Even though I have a real dog, my real dog Lukee is not allowed to sleep in my bed due to her over-shedding. MHM so Mr. Dog takes her place at night. :]
Really he's just a round pillow. But who cares! I like my round pillow.
WELL THEN. Next topic! 
Popularity on Girl Sense, I want it SO DARN BAD.
I mean, why doesn't anybody recognize my brilliance!?!?!?!
Anyways, I have a plan. I am advertising my boutique on this Friday in so many places I don't even know how many I've got! :D It cost me a lot but I'm rich already so it was like nothing. 
I hope it makes me more popular so I can be a Pro sooner!
And if you don't play Girl Sense, you wouldn't have a clue what I'm talking about!!! =w= i suggest you go browse there website now.
I have been watching way too much Britain/America's Got Talent. And a little American Idol, but B/AGT is way better. :3
HAY! My birthday is coming up! I'm so excited! I'm gonna be twelve!!!!!! OMIGOSH OMIGOSH OMIIIGOOOOOSSHHHHH!!!!!!! All my friends are going to be 13!!! OMIGOSH they're gonna be teens when im still a... pre-teen? or tween? :< beaver dams, what if for they're birthday they invite me to do some 13+ thing and I'm like, "I'm too mini surries" that would smell like vegetable farts. (and vegetable farts are the worst kind of farts)
HM well im hungry so I'm gonna go eat some... Chicken Alfredo from Costco. Tasty! 
poahf jacqueline
Well, it is story time. 
There once was a girl named Putao.
She really liked grapes.
White grapes, purple grapes, rainbow grapes. ALL GRAPES!
And then she tasted a poisonus grape, and it killed her dead. 
the end.
Ok, as you all know I play Tinier Me. Not so much anymore cause I just don't feel like it.
SO, I absolutely 100%ly LOVE MAKING DREAM SELFIES!!!!
So I am going to post some of them here using different dream selfy creators.
Comment on your favoriteeesss
OK um that didn't come out well if you leave it like normal size window. if you mush your window it looks better soo do so. 
um im bored now. so uh i am uh uh. uhuhuhuh.... i am gonna work on my halloween costume now.
i will show you a picture of it later! :D im being a... that's classified!
EDIT: Um ok the link killed my blog!! It's all icky now, so I had to like cut it into bits in pieces, good luck figuring it out!