jj is a door

Hi dudes! AKA almost nobody!
I'm blogging again. This time from Health Class! We finally finished everything and we are having a super humungo partyfgfgfgf that was the person sitting next to me, Corey.
Well, my friend here Whitney is "the first person to travel around the world in five minutes." But she's using google maps. Which is sort of cheating, but nobody cares.
My friend Kathryn is depressed because her computer is extremely slow.
OOH! We just went outside to see these people we went to class with last year and it was fun... even though we only went out for 2 minutes and fooled around. XD
Well now Kathyn and Whitney are drawing on the board where our teacher has this picture up on the screen thinger and oh they gave him a mustache.
Bye byes!
I'm off to explore LIFE!
<3 jacqueline
Once upon a time, I didn't sit up straight. And a fairy came to me, and made me sit up straight. The end.
THAT WAS A LAME STORY! My mum made up half of it (I didn't sit up straight. And a fairy came to me,)
Well, here's a better story:
   I wake up every day, and see the quiet song. The quiet song, of silentness, with nobody there to see. 
   The morning's soft, I feel abrupt, and nobody's there to see.
Actually, that was a song! That goes to the Christmas Time Song from Charlie Brown and his Peanuty Friends!
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Nope. No happy face galore. D:
boo hoo
I like playing on the doll palace. It's a fun dress up website that I like playing... on.
I got a haircut!!! I LOOK LIKE ALICE CULLEN. :D and my mom says I look like Alice from Dilbert. (=.=") My mom constantly laughs at my hair and I'm all, "You're the one who cut it! It's not my fault I look a little triangular!"
He he, it look a little like a round triangle... :P
Good night homies!
How is you doing today??
Doing good?
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