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This is the awesome blog. AWESOME!
So first off, I want to tell you about my day! It was really wicked and I'll start from the beginning.
In the midst of the morning, my friend Greyson (I call her Greyso) and I were walking to Chinese class cause we like to play before class starts. We decided to make an angry book for our friend Woodrow (who we call Woodson [because our Language Arts teacher commonly calls him that on accident] or sometimes Son of Wood or maybe Woody or whatever we come up with) because he was very angry at us.
So Greyso and I get to work making Woodson's Angry Book. It is a very good book and we plan on giving it to him tomorrow because we had to show a few people before. So we make Woodson's Angry Book written by Jacqueline and Greyso. When we tell Woodson about it, he tells us to shut up just like usual. 
So after the super big Chapter 3-5 Chinese Test we have, I go to Science class. Normally I hate Science, but today I only partly did since we made camouflage butterflies! Fun, I know. And a lot of people thought my butterfly was really well camouflaged even though there were better. 
The down part of Science is I had to read another section of the textbook and... something I should not say in front of strangers since it may offend somebody out there who reads it. (Cause it's about a person and I don't wanna hurt feelings)
So then I went to Language Arts and my teacher didn't go all crazy about us being immature and babies who needed baby sitters. (she always tells us that when we act up a little in class) So things went well and I moped to fourth period Math.
In Math we got our vocabulary quizzes back and I got a 10.5 out of 11 points. Then we got our Chapter 11.1 and 11.4 quizzes back and I got a 55 out of 52! So that made me very giggly like and such. Then the assignment correcting, notes, and new assignment were very easy. 
I bippity-boppity-bopped to lunch and sat with Greyso, Cassidy, and Bridget. Bridget kept throwing cucumbers at me which sort of ruined my happy day but I just ignored her. Then after a nice lunch of cheese sandwich, blueberry jelly mini sandwich (more of dessert), and some chocolate milk Greyso and Cassidy and I went to pick snap peas from the principal's garden. 
I got some very nice fat snap peas and felt very filled with veggies.
After that I went to Social Studies and we watched a movie we had already seen. I don't like watching movies about history most of the time but this one was very absorbing all about Roman roads and stuff. My teacher also made this funny joke about how the Romans would eat peacock tongues and after you cut off the peacock tongue they could only say, "Mm-AAHM! Mm- AAHM!" instead of, "My ARM! My ARM!"
Then I dragged my tired self to P.E. where we did passing the baton like in Olympics. It was sort of confusing cause I have a lot of trouble with the difference between my left and my right and other people's left and right but otherwise it was easy.
Then my father took my brother and I to Yogurt Deck. I got this very nice cone of Vanilla Cloud. (nom nom) Then we went to the library where I got a book about polar bears and a book about cats. I didn't have lots of homework when I got home either!
So life has been pretty good, besides the fact Tinier Me had some issues so now it is under site maintenance which I absolutely hate. The bright side of Tinier Me's break down, I learned how to spell maintenance! Yay! 
Now I must sleep. I'm sorry I couldn't add more to the awesome blog, so it turns out this blog may not have been the awesomest. I will make a better blog when I have more time. Apologies!
I'm bored and waiting for an email. Sigh... so tired. I'm seriously about to fall asleep. But I'm not at home. UGHH!!!
Yawn... I'm gonna go poke my mother. In the mean time... I want somebody... to... email... me... thanks..................................
~jj })i({
Long time no see my friends!!!
How's life? Doing good?
I'm thirsty. I'm gonna go get something to drink. Be back in a moment....
............................................................................................................................................. HAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHHAHHAH!! Ok, hahahha! Ok, ok. I just got back from getting my water, and I'm at my dad's store (Rolling Robots) Right? Yeah, and they're having a party. And I listen for a moment to hear what they're doing and one of the employees leading the party said, "Okay, when you're done put your hand on your nose. No, not in your nose. ON." HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHHHHHHHaAAA!!!
AAAAhhh... sigh.
MMmmmm... I'm gonna go edit the rest of the site.
~jj })i({
Oh yeah! Wondering why I've been gone so long? I have to read 3000 pages before the end of the school year, I have cello every stupid Monday, I have volleyball every Thursday and Friday, I have darn Girl Scouts one Friday of every month, and I have a life!!! No, I don't sit around on the computer almost 24/7. I do other things, like read!!! (I have about 1000 more pages to go! YES!)