jj is a door

I haven't blogged in soo very long because my parents set up this parental blocker thinger on my computer. And it blocked my own website! D:
So I had to wait for them to unblock it. Also, I've had a lot of homework. Today I spent from 2:20pm-4:00pm doing homework! Yesterday was 2:30pm-4:00pm. But last week, on I think Wednesday, I spent from 2:30pm-5:00pm doing homework! And then I had dinner and took a break. Then I watched some tv and went to sleep. But then when I woke up I had another 15 minutes of homework to do! And I still wasn't entirely done with it. :(
So I am very sorry for not blogging in so long. I've been eating too many pop tarts/ toaster strudels/ danishs. :O so many pastries!!
We were weighed in PE today for our health thingers. I weighed 91 lbs!!!! And I'm not even 5 feet yet (I'm really close!!)
So I feel a tad on the pudgy side but that doesn't matter, I enjoy being rather pudged. :) I'm just a bit worried about health issues and pu.
But whatevaaaaa
Imma go eat sometin. 
o wait... never mind. Instead I'm going to go do something else... I dont know what.