jj is a door

It's been ages my dears. Yes yes it has.
I have a towel for a scarf yay! :D
I haven't blogged in ages cause... I've been all excited about next week!!!! WE GET IT OFF CAUSE OF BUDGET CUTS WOOOOT.
ya. next week. from now to... sometime later. yipeee
also, ew this towel is beginning to smell weird i think i should have used a clean one. but my mother just tossed it at me telling me to put it away but im rather lazy so i put it around my neck. i need to take this off XP now my neck is cold. :( oh wells
Where was I... oh yeah. I have also been rather lazy. This week all I've doing is doing my homework, watching anime, chatting with friends, lazy stuff. =]
Well also I've been learning some Japanese. :D 
harakire kisama means... go kill yourself. i think. XD
also baka means idiot. yeah this isn't really useful. but kokoro means heart. hmm what else do i know...arigato is thank you and konnichiwa is hello.
im so trilingual (i know japanese, chinese, and english)
Sorry the grammar is all sucky!!!!!! I forget to press the shift key too often.
sayonara (oh i know that too! it means goodbye)
Long time no uh blog!!!
Soooooo since I haven't blogged for a long time I am going to share this fabulous video I (sort of) made! :D ENJOY MY DEARS